Things I love about different social networks

2013. augusztus 7. 21:45

Luca Hammer
Boy from the Alps
Facebook is a great login provider and interactive contactlist.

Facebook - Complete. Archive. Groups.

Facebook is a great login provider and interactive contactlist. It helps me find contacts on other platforms and holding everything together.

Going through my timeline gives quite a complete view of what I was doing at a certain time. I like to dump activities from other services there.

The groups work quite well to discuss stuff and connect with like minded people.

Time isn’t that important on Facebook. I often see updates from hours ago. I like to browse through photo albums or have discussions in comments. Facebook handles duplicated updates quite well and browsing through the feed isn’t that bad once one removed or hid all annoying people.

Tumblr - Integrated.

Links are nice but with blogs it’s often hard to find everyone who reacted to a specific article. Track- and pingbacks helped but the integrated way of tumblr reblogs works better. Reblogging is fast and I can react to content easier. My readers see the content, my reaction and the reactions of others. It doesn’t scale well though. At the same time it can give content greater reach. A reblog is more than a retweet. People don’t have to click on a link but the content itself is in their feeds. This also brings people closer together. And people are much likely to be an asshole when they need to post their asshole reaction to their blog in order to make it available from the original post. This is more powerful than real name policies which I never really trusted to work.

It is so easy to follow and unfollow people. I love to like things and see who else liked something.”

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